Equal Opportunity Employment Policy

Pride Enterprises, Inc. (PEI) provides equal employment opportunity for everyone regardless of age, sex, color, race, creed, national origin, religious affiliation, marital status, political belief, or physical challenge that does not prohibit the performance of essential job functions. In addition, laws regarding veterans’ status are observed. This is reflected in all of the Company practices and policies regarding hiring, training, promotions, transfers, rates of pay, layoff, and other forms of compensation. All matters relating to employment are based upon ability to perform the job, as well as dependability and reliability.

The purpose of this policy is to state the non-discriminatory policy of PEI in regard to the recruiting, hiring, training, placement, promotion, pay, working conditions, lay-off of employees and subcontracting. This policy will be displayed in all Company offices and on all construction sites when possible. All supervisory personnel will abide strictly by this policy to insure that there is not any discrimination within this Company.

  1. Equal Employment Opportunity Officer: Kelli Morales is the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer for PEI. She will supervise, assist and advise all personnel within this Company in reference to this policy. She will also insure that all actions of PEI are completely non-discriminatory.
  2. Recruiting and Hiring: To assure non-discriminatory recruiting when hiring, PEI shall place employment advertisements in newspapers which serve the largest number of female and minority-group people to fill positions of all levels of employment. PEI shall seek qualified female and minority-group people to fill positions of all levels of employment. PEI will work especially with such groups as the Employment Security Commission and female and minority-group organizations and encourage present employees to refer female and minority applicants. When hiring personnel, PEI shall hire on all levels of employment without discrimination to any female or minority group.
  3. Training, Placement and Promotion: PEI will also seek to employ female and minority youth and other female and minority-group personnel that are untrained to work with the Company in apprentice-type positions. PEI will actively encourage these female and minority-group employees to increase their skills and job potential through on-the-job training and assistance in educational programs. PEI will make a continuing effort to advance all female and minority-group employees to higher positions as they become qualified and to place qualified personnel in higher positions without discrimination. PEI will also counsel and seek comment from all employees inquiring as to their interest and skills and take all effective measures possible to enable employees with interest and potential to qualify themselves for higher positions.
  4. Pay, Other Compensation, Working Conditions and Lay-off of Personnel: PEI will continually examine all rates of pay and fringe benefits for all present employees and future employees to insure that there are no iniquities within the Company. All personnel shall be notified whenever there is an opportunity to perform overtime work. Also, if, in any case, a lay-off of personnel is required, the lay-off of personnel shall be completely non-discriminatory and shall be cleared through the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer.
  5. Working Environment: PEI will ensure a working environment free of harassment, intimidation, and coercion at all sites and in all facilities were our employee’s are assigned to work. PEI, when possible, will ensure that foremen, superintendents, and other onsite supervisory personnel are aware of and carry out PEI’s obligation to maintain such a working environment, with specific attention to minority and female individuals working at these sites or facilities.
  6. Subcontracting: PEI shall seek, encourage and subcontract, when possible, with female and minority group subcontractors and subcontractors with a female and minority-group representation among their employees. PEI will also make known that they will assist female and minority-group subcontractors who have the interest and potential to improve their position on helping them secure their jobs.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Officer will periodically make a thorough investigation to insure that PEI provides equal employment opportunity in all aspects of employment irrespective of race, color, creed, national origin, sex or age.

Employees will be asked to sign an acknowledgment form stating that they have read and understand this Equal Employment Opportunity Policy and that they agree to abide by it. Questions concerning this policy or its administration should be directed to the Human Resource Officer: Kelli Morales.